Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Power of a Positive Attitude on the Customer Experience

Is Dairy Queen the best place in the world to work for a 17-19 yr old young lady...maybe/maybe not. Is it her lifelong ambition and the reason she gets up in the morning...probably not. Does a 17-19 year old typically prefer to work on a Friday night or perhaps do something slightly more social? As I waited for my son to finish one of his many extracurricular activities I decided to swing by DQ and grab a small blizzard...ok it was a medium but the amount of ice cream I consume is not really germane to the story. As I walked in the store there were two lines, one had a person ordering the other was empty. I walked towards the registered and a young lady greeted me with a big smile and in her most bubbly voice said
Welcome to Dairy Queen tonight, my name is Miranda isn't this a great night for ice cream!
I replied....
Miranda then asked
What can I make for you tonight
I said
I will have a medium Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard please
Miranda replied with
Great choice, my absolute favorite
Whether it was really her favorite or not was inconsequential. I found myself smiling and feeling good about my selection. Miranda smiled, processed my debit payment, thanked me and turned to make my blizzard. As she went to the machine she smiled at her co-workers, provided some direction to a young man with an "In-Training" pin on and returned with my blizzard, smile still on her face and exclaimed
Here you go, medium Peanut Butter Cup blizzard. I hope you enjoy it, enjoy your night and please come back and see us
I stayed in store for a couple more customer interactions which went essentially the same way mine did and came to the conclusion "in my software mind" that Miranda was the best user interface that DQ could have. Whether it is service related, product related, P2P, B2B, whatever....a diligent focus on the customer experience is the single biggest thing you can do to ensure customer satisfaction, repeat business and viral spread. BTW...I think it was the best Blizzard I have ever had!


  1. Great example Paul of engaged employees that enhances the corporate brand.

    Kudos to whoever trained her, I would be surprised if its in the DQ training manual (sounds more like Starbucks!) - but it should be.

    The sooner more corporations realise that their biggest challenge and the difference to their business is not going to be a talent shortage but keeping the talent they already have the better.

  2. Here here Paul. A focus on delighting cutomers every chance we get through simple behavior like this creates sustainable success.
    Thanks for stopping by Paul. Everyone should stop by Paul's blog it's got great info we should all be using.