Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lawyers, Accountants, Recruiters Oh My!

Although many people I have met, talked to and worked with feel the need for lawyers, accountants, headhunters, bankers, etc are a necessary evil NOTHING could be further from the truth!
As a startup or small business it is critical that as the CFO you establish a strong partnership with these key stakeholders in your business. Spend time with them and build a relationship. Let them in, let them know your vision and get them to buy in. The better they know you, your company, your risk profile the better they can support and be an asset to you.
Do not just view these folks as the "hired help". They have key relationships, lots of experience and can be fantastic resources to bounce ideas off of and even help open doors.
My other suggestion (which is true of all relationships you build) is be prepared to give twice as much as you receive. It is very likely that the social and professional network you operate in is a who's who of your Lawyer, Accountant, Recruiter, Banker, etc top prospects and ideal customers. When you find a partner you are happy with who delivers for your business introduce them to you best three peers and see if there is an opportunity for them to work together. You will strengthen your relationship on multiple levels while building your business.
Don't push the help away....invite them for dinner!

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