Thursday, January 07, 2010

What do you do in bad meeting...

Lots of comments on this twitter post "Ever have(non-internal) meetings w/ someone & u know 5 min in that it isn't going to you stay, be courteous or bail, I've done both" I thought I'd move th dialogue here.
My concern in bailing is as @mbertulli mentioned some people just don't make good impressions or don't articulate well what they are trying to convey and there actually may be a very good fit that takes a full  hour or a couple meetings to ferret out.
The flip side of that is if there really is no fit and you see it before they do then there is no point in wasting both your and their time.
Any examples of either approach working because in the moment I really just want to politely excuse myself and get to other productive work.

Interested in your thoughts?

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