Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weekend Reads

Some great stuff out there this week that I plan to either start reading or finish reading this weekend. Hope you find some of these interesting:
Seth Godin wrote a fantastic piece (all his stuff is great) on Scarcity which outlines ways Apple could dealth with the IPhone roll out better to further "Delight" (a theme for me this week) their customers.
I also really enjoy reading Fred Wilson, (NY based VC) who always offers a frank perspective on what's going on and is currently wrapping up a one month road trip across Europe (Based in Paris) meeting entreprenears and startups. He links to a piece on Failure which is particularly topical given FailCamp was last night in TO.
Every week Jevon over at StartupNorth has at least a couple great posts, this week was no exception. If you weren't able to make DemoCamp this week you missed a great time but one of the highlights was Jevon's "rant" on VC's and a call to action for entreprenears to save the VC's. He followed up with a blog post and lots of comments which you will find here.
Another site I found was doing a little work on Customer Experience is a site by Bruce Temkin who writes on all things customer loyalty related. Not going to highlight a specific article here but I would definitely recommend that you spend some time here researching how you improve the customer experience and build loyalty for your Company....enjoy and try to put some of this in practice.
Lastly but importantly there were several launches in the couple weeks and as my earlier blog challenges, try to go and check these out and provide feedback and commentary to the entrepreneurs. It is only through users trials and feedback that we can make product truly delightful for customers. Congrats to all mentioned below and readers please try these and provide your feedback:
  • AideRSS realeased several new products which I covered in an earlier post
  • Spreed:News presented at DemoCamp and has launched a version

  • PlanetEye released a travel service that I will be checking out as I approach my family Griswold vacation to Myrtle Beach that is upcoming
  • Praized also launched a local search platform designed specifically for social media sites

If I missed any please comment and add

Happy reading!!!!!

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